VIDEX 4K1S/GSM/CL 1 Way Surface Mounted Audio GSM Kit with Keypad

The Videx 4000 Series 4K1S/GSM/CL “entry-level” surface mounted audio kit is a totally self contained GSM door entry system kit complete with keypad. This keypad has 3 codes, 2 changeover relay outputs and an override input. It can, furthermore, be programmed from 1-99 seconds or latching output. The 4K1S/GSM/CL kit includes a door panel, Psu & antenna, requires only a Sim card, and can be programmed by either SMS or PC Software.


  • 1 way surface audio gsm kit with keypad
  • Diversion to second number when first number is busy / not answering
  • Dial open, balance check & signal strength checking facility
  • Totally self contained (only requires an external power supply and antenna)
  • Digital panels include back lit LCD display and voice annunciation call progressing facility
  • Time bands available on the digital panel (allows each user to decide when they want to stop receiving calls)